What a great neighborhood!

From the welcoming of the Troops back from Iraq to the
Volunteers to clean up the park and bike trail to
keeping watch for unusual events in the
neighborhood to the special gathering of friends
and neighbors for Mrs. Pat’s memorial service with
special singing, Cape Story by the Sea just has to
be the BEST place to live in Virginia Beach!
Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association PLEASE
add your name and family for $10 annual dues and
have your email added to the Cape Story by the
Sea alert list.

You can pay dues online by clicking here – Online Payment $11.00


Mail membership application to:

Cape Story by the Sea

P.O. Box 700

Virginia Beach, Va. 23451

If you have any questions or items of interest please email the Cape Story by the Civic Association President at CSBTS.President@gmail.com 

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Not our dog but just had some folks in the neighborhood come by looking for a lost black Chihuahua w/ pink collar (8:30pm Tuesday 5/31/11) they live at 2584B on Shore Drive between Calvert and 1st Landing. That’s all I know. I told them to send an e-mail also.

  2. I love animals, and I’m sure you love your pets. I would love your pets too, but I don’t love your pet’s crap in my yard. Please be courtious and a great neighbor and pick up after your pet. Thanks. Happy Holidays.

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