Bike Path and Shore Drive Traffic Safety

Path Safety Issues:   Spring Fling- safety presentation,  mock center islands, traffic calmers trial  planned for Bayberry /Sandalwood intersections-  CSBTS officers and residents neighboring Sandalwood and Bayberry Streets (invited ) met with Mike Shahaish, Senior Traffic Engineer, City of Virginia Beach on Wed. March 4, 2009 to review plans for traffic calmers for cross streets.  Plans with pavers and median islands/”round abouts” with widening of street around median island were provided.  Information and plans will be available at this monthly meeting.  Funding for these projects will be required as well as notification by the City to homes neighboring the path at Sandalwood and Bayberry Streets for test streets.

 The following is a list of the possible safety solutions discussed at the January 12th Bike/multipurpose Trail Safety with City Staff and Residents:


·         Adding Stop Signs on the cross streets for vehicular traffic.

·         Changing the yellow diamond pedestrian signs to red/white yield triangle signs.

·         Use of median changes with optical and/or median obstruction/islands on the cross streets.  Similar to a small traffic circle.  Currently being used in the Old Beach neighborhoods.

·          Adding serpentine fencing and landscaping on the bike path to make pedestrians slow down before entering the cross streets.

·         Adding speed bumps on each side of the bike path to slow down vehicular traffic on the cross streets.

·         Change the speed limits on all Cape Story streets from 25 MPH to 15 MPH.

·         Clear vegetation in City right of way (ROW) that impact safe line of sight from pedestrian and vehicle perspective.

·         Cul-de-sac some of the long streets at the bike path and only allow one or two main entrances into the neighborhood.

·         Reducing the speed limit of Shore Drive from 45 MPH to 35 MPH.  This would slow down cars coming off SD that tend to continue the same SD speed through the neighborhood.

·         Cape Henry Shores Civic Association proposal for Kendall Street Stop Light


Median Island Drawing for Sandalwood

Median Island Drawing for Bayberry

Cape Henry Shores Letter to City

Jim Spore’s (City) Response Letter to CHS

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