City Working to Clean-up Appearance of Cape Story Beach

The following exceprt was taken from an email sent by Phill Roehrs, City Engineer, in response to a resident’s question on what could be done to improve the appearance of the beach and remove the dirt, debris and plants that were deposited from the sand replenishment project.  The main focus of the clean-up will be the areas between Oak and Kendall.

Given the relatively poor appearance of the beach, and our commitment to the community to patrol and police the area until the condition is satisfactory, I am happy to report that PW/Beach Operations will be visiting the area, perhaps as early as today, to prepare the area for further grooming.  A tractor will first visit the area to scarify the beach, and will be followed within a few days by a beach groomer to sift the top layer to remove as much deleterious material as possible.  I sincerely hope this will help to improve the appearance of the beach, but we stand ready to revisit the site again if this latest attempt does not yield satisfactory results.

For those of you that don’t know what a beach groomer is or how it operates, here is a picture and a link.  As of 6/16/10, the beach was scarified and is waiting to be groomed.

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