Shoulder paving to begin from Beech to Kendall on south side of Shore Drive – Monday July 19th

According to City Traffic Engineer, Mike Shahsiah, the shoulder paving project commencing today, Monday July 19th, should take 1 to 2 weeks to complete (Closer to 1 week without weather delays).

The project will add a 5-6 foot section of shoulder paving along the south side of Shore Drive from the sidewalk at Bloom & Beech St. to Kendall St.  The existing pavement from Beech to Wake Forest (and a few other small sections) will be milled and paved.  Areas without existing paving will have new pavement added.  These areas are mostly between Wake Forest and Kendall.  After paving is complete, both shoulders (north and south) along Shore Drive will be striped to show a 3-4 foot bike area.

4 thoughts on “Shoulder paving to begin from Beech to Kendall on south side of Shore Drive – Monday July 19th

  1. Location; the corner of Shore Dr and Sandalwood Rd ( southwest corner) Travel east on Shore Dr turning right onto Sandalwood Rd.

    Stormwater collects and ponds creating a driving harzrad, 1. having to drive thru 9 to 15″ of water and 2. drivers turning right off of Shore Dr will try to avoid the water by doing a wide turn creating a head on collision situation due to the blind spot for cars approaching Shore Dr on Sandalwood can’t see left.
    I hope the grades for this location are check to insure storm water will drain away from this location.

    • Thanks Phil. Have you called in this problem to the City’s Public Works number? There Storm Water Division should give you a trouble ticket number to track the progress. I know there are several other street intersections with similar problems.

      Also, do you have any pictures that may be of help to the City?

    • Good question. There is a great opportunity for discussion as part of a Virginia Beach Project called Envision Transportation. You can find similar questions and answers or join the forum and post your concerns.


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