Doggie Bag Dispensers Damaged


Another box was distroyed behind Bloom.  Hopefully the vandals have gone back to school and have better things to keep their attention now.  But keep on the look out and report this activity to the police if witnessed.

Two doggie bag dispensers on the bike path were damaged sometime last night.  The one near Hatton St. was broken off the post and destroyed and the one near Bayberry St. was split down the entire side.  Attached are pictures of the damage.  It is too bad that certain individuals have not been taught to respect the property of others. The City will be notified for repairs.

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. 
Regina Wallace
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Cape Story by the Sea

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