Cape Story by the Sea- Monthly Meeting- MARINIA SHORES EXPANSION- Monday Jan 10, 2010- 7:30PM- VB Resort Hotel




2800 Shore Drive

Monday January 10, 2011 at 7:30pm 

I.    Call to Order 

Introduction of guests 

II.   Minutes Dec., 2010 Meeting

III. Treasurers Report

IV. Officers Reports 

V.Unfinished Business

  • Pleasure House Point – Buy Back.
  • Thanksgiving & Christmas Families
  • Wetlands Commission Meeting on Dec 20, 2010 rescheduled

VI.               New Business

  • WETLANDS COMMISSION HEARING – JANUARY 18, 2011 AT 10AM– OPPORTUNITY TO COMMENT ON MARINA SHORES 45 BOATS SLIPS ON FLOATING PIERS FROM THE MARINA TO HESTON STREET (CAPE HENRY) ON LONG CREEK & PERMANENT DREDGE TRANSVER STATION.   Cape Story by the Sea and other Civic Associations composing Letter to Wetlands Commission. Comments on Dec 9th attendance at the Bayfront Advisory Commission meeting on   City appears to  support permanent  Dredge transfer station at Marina Shores.  P-1 (preserved land) zoning implied in 1987 minutes and notes. Would need Change in Zoning to commercial and conditional use permit and would need to show NO impact on wetlands (?) and NOT a navigational hazard (?)
  • JEB- Ft Story Recognition – Certificates of Appreciation for Cape Story by the Sea support of military families.  Proposal for Adapt a Family for year round support                                    
  • VBCCO – Jan 6, 2011 –  7PM at the  Meyera Obendorf Central  library-   next meeting Feb 14 MONDAY
  • SDCC –  Jan. 31, 2010 –  Check for current information on Everything you wanted to know about Shore Drive– CSBTS residents may attend as guests
  • BLOOD DRIVE  January 11, 2011 TUESDAY at Va Beach Resort Hotel  1PM to 7 PM  

VII. Adjourn

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