Emergency Notification System Test Scheduled for Thursday Oct. 11th at 6:00pm

Cape Story Residents have been asked to participate in the City’s testing of a new Emergency Notification System.  The system will call your home phone number with a “test message”.

The system will be used in emergency situations to notify citizens of important safety information.  It will be similar to the notification system used by the VB Schools.

Additional informaiton regarding the purpose for the test and system:

The purpose of the test is to target a specific area of the city at any given time. A hostage situation would be a perfect example where they would warn everyone to stay inside until advised otherwise. For this first test they have selected one residence that will not receive the message to simulate a hostage situation. That person is aware of the test and will report back to confirm that they did not receive the test message. They could also use it where a person known to “wander” is missing and believed to be in a general area. The last missing person here in CSBTS was a very expensive experience with a police helicopter in the air for almost two hours and numerous patrol cars. It might also be used if there is a bank robbery and the robber is on the loose.

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