CSBTS 2020 4th of July Parade Cancelled

Dear Cape Story Residents,

After much discussion by the Civic Association officers, we are sorry to say that the CSBTS July 4th Parade and festivities in the park sponsored by the CSBTS civic league will not be held this year.

State and city government mandates and the ongoing effects of COVID-19 have not lessened enough at this time to hold a large social event of this nature safely and effectively.  We do not want to put the volunteers, participants, and the many visitors that come here to attend, at risk.  Looking at this from another perspective, we also do not want to create unnecessary angst for those who take the precautions seriously enough to have prevented their children from participating with the others this year.

This is a fun neighborhood, and we as an organization have no authority over and will not interfere with any impromptu gatherings or celebrations- but please do use caution and be courteous to the other residents over the holiday weekend however you choose to celebrate.

Best always,

Diana Albis, on behalf of the CSBTS Civic Association Officers


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