Neighborhood Watch Coordinators

  • Beech Street: Patty Pezzella    412-1259
  • Oak Street: Jenny Demers   481-0614
  • Maple Street: Debbie Jordal   481-4952
  • Sandalwood:  Phil Pulido  481-5531
  • Bayberry Street:  Brian Sagedy   496-9267
  • Wake Forest:  Regina Wallace   496-6458
  • Poinciana: Katie Weeks   496-9396
  • Short Streets: Dick Brothers   481-6155
  • Ocean Shore Ave: Tracy Meyer   481-6457

To report a crime in action:  Call 911

To report a crime after the fact, or to report any suspicious activity:  385-5000

City Information:  311

1 thought on “Neighborhood Watch Coordinators

  1. This morning I received a knock at my door and once again it was a teenager soliciting money for (their) high school. I must say I have been scammed by this in the past so I wanted to forewarned our neighbors not to be scammed by this type of solicitation. These kids are rounded up from other states and dropped off in neighborhoods around the country. They stay in the area for a few days and move on. So LookOut!

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