Fireworks Contributions Request

The Cape Story by the Sea (CSBTS) Fireworks Event is scheduled for 9:20 PM on Sunday July 4th on our Bay off First Landing State Park.   This event is sponsored by CSBTS and ALL OF YOU who donate to this neighborhood event that gives us all a chance to sit on the bay with family and friends and watch the FIREWORKS.

The donations pay for the fireworks, the fire marshal, the permits, the security and has the support of First Landing State Park for placement of fireworks and Fire/Brush Truck provided by East Campus , Joint Exp. Forces.

 A Special thank you to  ALL of the trucks, muscles and volunteers that get the fireworks over the dune and the shells back from the bay and to the merchants and businesses that Contribute – THANK YOU!!!

The event is approximately $15,000 to cover the costs  and CSBTS  requests your support to provide this SPECTACULAR STAR SPANGLED EVENT for our neighborhood and neighbors and friends and visitors to our Chesapeake Bay.     THANK YOU and please send contributions to CSBTS   – PO Box 700 – Virginia Beach, VA 23451.   YOU MAKE this event possible.

Hurricane Preparedness

There are many online resources available which can help you to become better prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1-November 30.    Check out some of the following sites below for information and recources on hurricane preparedness:

For a complete list of emergency preparedness items that fall under the hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday week, go to      Thanks everyone,  

Jolynn Turner
Emergency Planner
Virginia Beach Dept. of Public Health
4452 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Office:  757-518-2784
Mobile: 757-438-0381
Fax:      757-518-1393

CSBTS Civic Assoc Mtg June 14 7:30 p.m.


VIRGINIA BEACH RESORT HOTEL 2800 Shore Drive Monday June 14, 2010 at 7:30pm

I.    Call to Order  Introduction of guests  

II.   Minutes May 2010 Meeting

 III. Treasurers Report

 IV. Officers Reports  

V.    Committee Reports

  • Neighborhood Watch Update – Regina Wallace- Neighborhood Watch –
  • Beautification & Clean-up Committee –  Shirley Drye and Dee Simpson ––  Completed Sunday, May 16th 2pm
  • Military Liaison Update   Andy Baan Amy Phillips, Information Officer            phone: 757.422.7101 ext 225   and Janson Eversole, AICP Community Planning Liaison Officer
  • SkipJack:  Ginnie and Tracy Stover –SUMMER  ISSUE  – GREAT WORK  Pictures available on  – send your pictures to post links at web site

VI.     Unfinished Business

  • Storm Water and Flood Damage  final report provided at Shore Drive Community Coalition –  or  for more          continue to  report concerns and problems to Public Works 385-1470                                                                    
  • Spring Fling –  was held May 30th- 4PM -7PM in the Cape Story Park
  • THEME For JULY 4th PARADE selected:  Patriotic Pets & People
  • Membership for 2010 – SPRING NEWSLETTER has membership application for 2010—JOIN NOW for $10 for whole family –MEMBERSHIP is open to ALL (Owners and Renters) persons living in Cape Story. Please provide READABLE email to be added to or to remain on the CSBTS Email List.  Chance for $100 drawing with each membership application.  Application attached to this agenda  

 V.     New Business     

  • Shore Drive Safety Initiative –   City Council  agreed to reduce Speed to 35 mph on Shore Drive  on  June 15th to Pleasure House Road on trial basis, survey to be done,  Shore Drive Safety Event scheduled for  June 24th at Kokamos    (first event was at Shuckers on June 3rd).  
  • JULY 4th EVENTS– Sunday July  4th – Parade- 10AM  Patriotic Pets & People theme – MAYOR SESSOMS with be our Parade Marshall – gather at Beech Street 9:30 -9:45 AM –Brunch in the Park with patriotic Music.  Fireworks on the Bay at 9:20PM , rain date July5th, VOLUNTEERS NEEDED  call Todd 667-8533,  See SkipJack or for more information.
  • VBCCO-:  June 9, 2010 –  7PM at the  Meyera Obendorf Central  library- bicycle safety and bike paths.  
  • Party in the Park –  JULY 14th Wednesday at Mt Trashmore, Shelters 1 & 2 5:30 PM –dusk  Come out and meet your City Leaders
  • SDCC  –  Check for current information on Everything you wanted to know about Shore Drive– CSBTS residents may attend as guests. Next meeting is MONDAY, June 28, 2010 at 7:30PM at the Ocean Park Rescue Squad Station- Lynnhaven River update and Clean the Bay day update.

VIII. Adjourn

-2010- Membership dues $10 per family per calendar year.

 Please make checks payable to Cape Story Civic Association Mail form and $10 to:

 CSBTS Civic Association, PO Box 700, Virginia Beach, Virginia  23451




Email:______________________________ for CSBTS Email List

I am interested in participating in:

Spring Fling:______ Fireworks Committee _______CSBTS website:_____    4th of July parade/brunch:____ Oyster Roast:_______

Teen Event:____ Newsletter/columnist:___    Park Beautification:______  Other:_______   

To Receive Neighborhood Watch email add your Email address:____________________

Neighborhood Watch is a Separate Email address       

Comments:   CSBTS Email list is generated from your membership application, so Please print READABLE Email address to be used for the 2010 CSBTS email

Oak St Benefit Yard Sale 4/9 – 11

Here’s the new date for the CAPE STORY by the SEA  YARD SALE   to benefit CSBTS neighbors in need:

FRIDAY  10:00 a.m. TO 4:00 p.m. on APRIL 9TH, AND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY APRIL 10-11 th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2215 Oak Street.

Janet Hollingsworth (contact info. below) will continue to except donations through this date. The response so far has been amazing.

As mentioned at the civic association meeting, we have a couple on Oak Street who are going through a very difficult time and could use our help. Jorge and Stephanie moved into our neighborhood about a year ago. Shortly after their arrival, Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer. Their health insurance from her job had lapsed during the move, and treatment was delayed. She is currently down to 75 lbs, and has a broken hip. She has to deal with a trachea tube and feeding tube, but is still fighting. 
Jorge is a master tiling contractor, but has had little opportunity to work because he is Stephanie’s primary care giver. 
Our neighbor Janet Hollingsworth at 2215 Oak Street is holding a yard sale fund raiser for them the last weekend in March (Saturday is the 27th)  DATE CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER . We would like to spread the word, and ask for any items that might be donated to help these neighbors. 
Janet’s contact information is: 

Hot tip re: lost/found pets


IMMEDIATELY, make a sign as large as possible stating “DOG/CAT FOUND.”  and PUT IT PROMINENTLY in your front yard.  Even write it on a brown paper bag. The owners of the lost pet are almost certainly going to be walking/driving the neighborhood looking for their animal.  If you post a sign out in front of your house (near the street), they will see it!  (But they may not SEE their pet in your house or back yard, may not get onto the internet to check craigslist until they’ve already scanned the neighborhood.)

IF YOU OWN AN ANIMAL:  Please please go get a tag that has a phone number on it where you can be reached if your pet accidentally gets out and a kind-hearted neighbor is trying to help your pet get home. Care-A-Lot, Walmart, etc. have machines where you can inscribe an inexpensive tag with your pet’s name and your phone number.

Possible area child predator

The following was received from the general manager of a local soccer club. It involves a possible child predator. One incident was in the Great Neck area and the other near Kingston Elementary.  The identifying information has been XXX’d out.  The original email was sent on Thursday, Mar 25 so am not sure of the exact dates these incidents occurred. Please be aware and remind your children about strangers. 


I am the manager for XXXTEAM  and several emails of people I know have   come across my email today about a child predator. There is a man in a   small blue pick up truck stalking and approaching children in our local   neighborhoods. One incident yesterday was down the street from Brill   field. The other incident happened near Great Neck Rec Center. Both   incidents sent the children running for help. The police were notified on   the incident near Brill field (2 boys ages 12, 13). The other incident is   just now being brought to the authorities attention-again 2 children (1   boy age 10 , 1 girl age 12). With the season beginning this weekend , I   thought this is very important to get out.  Please remind Parents to be on   the lookout for this truck  and to remind children to not to go up to a   strangers car.   thanks for any help you can give to get the word out !
1st Email:   I just wanted to put a quick email out to people to let them know what  happened to XXX and a friend tonight.  XXX was at a friend’s house tonight playing basketball in the street.  A royal blue truck stopped by and told   the boys he was watching their ‘plays’.  The man  sat in the road for a  time. He then proceeded to ask the boys to come and see something he had  in his truck. According to the boys, he took off his seat belt and was  reaching for something.  Fortunately, they both avoided going close to the  truck and reported the incidence.  The man did speed backwards down the  street and then went forward before speeding out of the neighborhood. He  had a Hispanic accent, shaved head, and a little goatee on his chin.  XXX   thought he was about 40, but I’m not sure how reliable that is since I   tell him I’m 29!!  Anyways, it is an older blue small truck and the kids   did not get the license plate.  The police feel it could be more of an   exposure incident than an abduction, but at this point  I wouldn’t take a chance.  Please report any incidences to the police and   they promised to put the word out to the schools.  Please pass on as   needed
2nd email:
I live behind Cox High School in the Shorehaven area.  I was shocked as I   read this e-mail.  Several weeks back, my two children were outside   playing in our neighborhood and they also were approached by a man in a  small pickup truck.  They indicated that the man just watched them, but   followed them as they moved throughout the neighborhood.  They became   increasingly uneasy and ran into the home of one of their teachers who   also lives in the neighborhood.  The man actually followed them down the  drive.  Luckily, their teacher’s husband was home.  She is a teacher at A   GREAT NECK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and is the individual who forwarded this   e-mail to me.

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. 
Regina Wallace
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Cape Story by the Sea

More help needed for family we aided at Christmas


I received this email from Teri Doddy — 
Teri has agreed to continue to be our champion for this family.  phone 621-6724 
 and 2219 Bayberry Street
I just got a call today from Tamika (the family we helped at Christmas that had no furniture). She called to let me know her 6 yr old has been in CHKD since 2/11/10 with an absess on the brain and has had 4 brain surgeries. She is still in PIC (ICU). Due to being with her child Tamika has not been able to work the last couple months. She has contacted Social Service which is helping her with her water bill, but out of funds otherwise. Her rent is paid for, but she’s two months behind on her electricity ($473.00) and is in need of items that she cannot buy with food stamps (diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, dish liquid, etc.). She has received a cut off notice for her electricity for 3/4/10, but has been able to borrow $20 here and there to send to Dominion VA Power so her electricity hasn’t been cut off yet.  
I told her I would see if we could send out an e-mail to CSBTS to see if anyone is willing to help her with any of her needs. I know this is a hard working young lady who has been appreciative of everything CSBTS has done for her. This medical emergency has set her back by not being able to work.  
Please advise if you think we could send out an e-mail. I would be willing to help coordinate the collection and to take items to Tamika if anyone is willing to help.  
Teri Doddy  *Mail checks to Teri Doddy at 2219 Bayberry St.  Indicate $ is for Tamika in the memo section*

SDCC Newsletter

Posted: 24 Mar 2010 08:09 AM PDT
Did you know?
Thanks to Lynnhaven River NOW, 38% of the Lynnhaven River is now open for shellfish harvesting, up from only 1% in 2004.  Got an idea for “Did you know?” Send it to
Change in Agenda:

Jones and Wood won’t be there.

Vice Mayor Jones and City Councilman Wood will not be at the March SDCC meeting.  They were scheduled to appear to discuss the City Manager’s proposed 2011-2012 budget.  Unfortunately, the proposed budget will not be presented to City Council until March 30.  Our representatives are now scheduled to come to the April 26 meeting.  They will vote the budget on May 11.

The Good News is…

The March meeting will feature two other hot topics.  Wayne Wilcox, in charge of Bikes and Trails for the City, Bruce Drees, Advocate for the Tidewater Bicycle Association, June McDaniels, formerly of Bayfront Advisory Committee and panelist on the Shore Drive Safety Initiative ‘09, will participate in an outline of what is in store with regard to bikes and pedestrians for Shore Drive Improvements:  what is needed, what is planned, and what you would like to see.  A cameo appearance by Councilman Bill DeSteph is also expected.

It’s a Double-Header!

In addition, the City will be sending a representative to report on the progress of replacing damaged and destroyed beach accesses now that the sand replenishment is completed.

Work and play on the same day!  Mark your calendars!

First Landing State Park is having a huge volunteer tree-planting on April 24 and would really like to have support from the surrounding neighborhoods.  Please contact to sign up.
That’s the work part.

For the play part:  LynnhavenRiverNow is hosting their 8th Annual Oyster Roast on the same day, from 12 Noon to 3 p.m. practically on the grounds of Bayville Golf Course.  The number of tickets available is limited, so contact them soon at

Kudos to Kroger!

Kroger has withdrawn the application to locate a fuel kiosk at the Shore Drive location at this time.  Bill Barnett, of Bradford Acres, was the lead spokesperson in representing the neighborhood.  Kroger will proceed with applications to install fueling stations at other locations.

SDCC Meeting: 

7:30 p.m., March 29, Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Station (Intersection of Shore Drive and East Stratford Road)

Don’t forget to check for all the latest Shore Drive news.

Lost cat (siamese)


Please forward to the neighbors that my fat light colored siamese is missing again.  He seems to have another “home” that he visits for a few days at a time.  Please call if you have seen him.  He lives on the land side of Walke Street.  He is very sweet and we want him to come home. 
Thanks so much!
Frauke Mirenda 287-8729