More help needed for family we aided at Christmas


I received this email from Teri Doddy — 
Teri has agreed to continue to be our champion for this family.  phone 621-6724 
 and 2219 Bayberry Street
I just got a call today from Tamika (the family we helped at Christmas that had no furniture). She called to let me know her 6 yr old has been in CHKD since 2/11/10 with an absess on the brain and has had 4 brain surgeries. She is still in PIC (ICU). Due to being with her child Tamika has not been able to work the last couple months. She has contacted Social Service which is helping her with her water bill, but out of funds otherwise. Her rent is paid for, but she’s two months behind on her electricity ($473.00) and is in need of items that she cannot buy with food stamps (diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, dish liquid, etc.). She has received a cut off notice for her electricity for 3/4/10, but has been able to borrow $20 here and there to send to Dominion VA Power so her electricity hasn’t been cut off yet.  
I told her I would see if we could send out an e-mail to CSBTS to see if anyone is willing to help her with any of her needs. I know this is a hard working young lady who has been appreciative of everything CSBTS has done for her. This medical emergency has set her back by not being able to work.  
Please advise if you think we could send out an e-mail. I would be willing to help coordinate the collection and to take items to Tamika if anyone is willing to help.  
Teri Doddy  *Mail checks to Teri Doddy at 2219 Bayberry St.  Indicate $ is for Tamika in the memo section*

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