Possible area child predator

The following was received from the general manager of a local soccer club. It involves a possible child predator. One incident was in the Great Neck area and the other near Kingston Elementary.  The identifying information has been XXX’d out.  The original email was sent on Thursday, Mar 25 so am not sure of the exact dates these incidents occurred. Please be aware and remind your children about strangers. 


I am the manager for XXXTEAM  and several emails of people I know have   come across my email today about a child predator. There is a man in a   small blue pick up truck stalking and approaching children in our local   neighborhoods. One incident yesterday was down the street from Brill   field. The other incident happened near Great Neck Rec Center. Both   incidents sent the children running for help. The police were notified on   the incident near Brill field (2 boys ages 12, 13). The other incident is   just now being brought to the authorities attention-again 2 children (1   boy age 10 , 1 girl age 12). With the season beginning this weekend , I   thought this is very important to get out.  Please remind Parents to be on   the lookout for this truck  and to remind children to not to go up to a   strangers car.   thanks for any help you can give to get the word out !
1st Email:   I just wanted to put a quick email out to people to let them know what  happened to XXX and a friend tonight.  XXX was at a friend’s house tonight playing basketball in the street.  A royal blue truck stopped by and told   the boys he was watching their ‘plays’.  The man  sat in the road for a  time. He then proceeded to ask the boys to come and see something he had  in his truck. According to the boys, he took off his seat belt and was  reaching for something.  Fortunately, they both avoided going close to the  truck and reported the incidence.  The man did speed backwards down the  street and then went forward before speeding out of the neighborhood. He  had a Hispanic accent, shaved head, and a little goatee on his chin.  XXX   thought he was about 40, but I’m not sure how reliable that is since I   tell him I’m 29!!  Anyways, it is an older blue small truck and the kids   did not get the license plate.  The police feel it could be more of an   exposure incident than an abduction, but at this point  I wouldn’t take a chance.  Please report any incidences to the police and   they promised to put the word out to the schools.  Please pass on as   needed
2nd email:
I live behind Cox High School in the Shorehaven area.  I was shocked as I   read this e-mail.  Several weeks back, my two children were outside   playing in our neighborhood and they also were approached by a man in a  small pickup truck.  They indicated that the man just watched them, but   followed them as they moved throughout the neighborhood.  They became   increasingly uneasy and ran into the home of one of their teachers who   also lives in the neighborhood.  The man actually followed them down the  drive.  Luckily, their teacher’s husband was home.  She is a teacher at A   GREAT NECK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL and is the individual who forwarded this   e-mail to me.

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. 
Regina Wallace
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Cape Story by the Sea

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