Hot tip re: lost/found pets


IMMEDIATELY, make a sign as large as possible stating “DOG/CAT FOUND.”  and PUT IT PROMINENTLY in your front yard.  Even write it on a brown paper bag. The owners of the lost pet are almost certainly going to be walking/driving the neighborhood looking for their animal.  If you post a sign out in front of your house (near the street), they will see it!  (But they may not SEE their pet in your house or back yard, may not get onto the internet to check craigslist until they’ve already scanned the neighborhood.)

IF YOU OWN AN ANIMAL:  Please please go get a tag that has a phone number on it where you can be reached if your pet accidentally gets out and a kind-hearted neighbor is trying to help your pet get home. Care-A-Lot, Walmart, etc. have machines where you can inscribe an inexpensive tag with your pet’s name and your phone number.

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