Bike found during beach clean up.

“Lynnhaven Colony Congregational Church, UCC, found a multi-speed bicycle when they cleaned up for the Clean the Bay Day (June, 2010).  It was found in a ditch along the neighborhood of Lynnhaven Colony.  If anyone is missing a bike and can describe it, we would love to reunite it with its owner.  For more information, please call Chris Cohoon 816-9566.”

Please remember to call 911 if you see a crime in action and call 385-5000, option 1, to report crimes after they have occurred or to report any suspicious activity. 
Regina Wallace
Neighborhood Watch Coordinator
Cape Story by the Sea

Hot tip re: lost/found pets


IMMEDIATELY, make a sign as large as possible stating “DOG/CAT FOUND.”  and PUT IT PROMINENTLY in your front yard.  Even write it on a brown paper bag. The owners of the lost pet are almost certainly going to be walking/driving the neighborhood looking for their animal.  If you post a sign out in front of your house (near the street), they will see it!  (But they may not SEE their pet in your house or back yard, may not get onto the internet to check craigslist until they’ve already scanned the neighborhood.)

IF YOU OWN AN ANIMAL:  Please please go get a tag that has a phone number on it where you can be reached if your pet accidentally gets out and a kind-hearted neighbor is trying to help your pet get home. Care-A-Lot, Walmart, etc. have machines where you can inscribe an inexpensive tag with your pet’s name and your phone number.

Lost cat (siamese)


Please forward to the neighbors that my fat light colored siamese is missing again.  He seems to have another “home” that he visits for a few days at a time.  Please call if you have seen him.  He lives on the land side of Walke Street.  He is very sweet and we want him to come home. 
Thanks so much!
Frauke Mirenda 287-8729

Update: all pets reunited

Update: All the below animals were reunited with their owners.

Several animals found!

3/20:  Yellow Lab or Golden Retriever, found on Wake Forest St. near Poinciana Dr. Sat 3/20.  He is wearing a tan/brown collar with the name Hobbes on it.  Please call Kevin to claim on 848-3336 up until 5:00 p.m. today (3/20).

3/21: We just found a tailless adorable cat in our outdoor shower. It looks (and smells) like he/she has been there a while. It has fluffy black, grey fur on its back and some legs and a white underbody and white triangle around the mouth area.  It does not have a collar, and although it seems to want to hang out here, it is rather skiddish of us and our dog  (who thinks she has found a new playmate).  I can be reached at 617-6277.

3/22:  A huge, grey, domestic rabbit was found on Oak St. Bayside.  Please call Elyse – 412-0644 to claim.

Sully, the cat, has gone missing again.

Sully, (also goes by Beans) has been out and not returned.  He is indoor outdoor, but he is usually back after a couple days or when it rains. he has been out for quite awhile now I was gone out of the country again and returned then went on vacation I returned on the 29th.  He has taken off on adventures before. It has been a little over a year ,almost exactly ( I looked on the website we posted last year about the same time) since his last little adventure.   He is very friendly and may have adopted new family quite possibly.  He is an all white Blue Tip Persion with medium lenght hair and bright blue eyes he will come to anyone.  If anyone has seen him or has him they can contact me at this address or my cell below. 

** TO see a picture, click on the Lost/Found section of this site, and scroll down to the 12.4.07 posting about Sully. ***

 Lenn Vessell