CSBTS General Meeting Agenda – Monday March 9th at 7:30pm

Click here for a printable version of the agenda MARCH 2015 AGENDA CAPE STORY BY THE SEA




2800 Shore Drive

Monday March 9, 2015 at 7:30pm 


II.    Minutes of February 2015 Meeting

III.   Treasurer’s Report

IV.   Officer’s Report

V.    Committee Reports

  • Clean Up & Beautification Committee— March 7th Clean UP
  • Newsletter SkipJack: g.t.stover@cox.net DEADLINE FEBRUARY 13
  • Military Partnership- CSBTS continues to work with JEB-Ft. Story for military family support

VI.   Unfinished Business

  • Fireworks Contract 2015
  • Report on obtaining 501-4c status for CSBTS
  • Flooding Concerns – FUNDING –Gene Evans- Continuing Dredge, Storm Water, Wetlands,

  VII.   New Business

  • J&A Racing is looking for course marshal volunteers to support the Yuengling Shamrock Marathon – a Virginia Beach tradition since 1973 – on March 22, 2015, and will make a generous donation to our fireworks fund as a thank you for our help! If you are interested and available, please contact:   Todd Solomon 757-667-8533, Brian Sagedy 757-761-0470 or Bill House at 757-615-0968              
  • CSBTS 2015 Events: Spring Fling (May 17 tentative) – July 4th Parade, Brunch, Fireworks – Oyster Roast November 8,2015 – Santa in the Park Dec 12, 2015—-  
  • BAC-Bayside Advisory Commission- March 19, 2015 3:30 PM VB Resort Hotel-
  • VBCCO – Monthly meeting-   Central Library- March 19, 2015 7PM- Arena Proposal Update; Mr. Doug Smith, Deputy City Manager & Ms. Andrea Kilmer, President & CEO The ESG Companies . March Annual Banquet—Nominations requested for outstanding civic association events or outstanding volunteer – YOUTH as well as Adult
  • SDCC- MARCH 30, 2015- TODD SOLOMON Pres. – Monday- 7:30PM- Check www.sdcc.info for current information on Everything you wanted to know about Shore Drive– CSBTS
  • 2015 Goals: obtain 501-4c tax status, Update CSBTS By-Laws, increase membership, increase use of Facebook, NextDoor

     VIII.   Adjourn

Bayfront Advisory Committee Meeting – Thursday June 20 at 3:30pm – Stormwater Project Presentation

The Bayfront Advisory Committee will hold their monthly meeting on Thursday June 20th at 3:30pm in the VB Resort Hotel and Conference Center.  The City of Virginia Beach’s Department of Public Works will present the plans for a large stormwater project that covers neighborhoods east of the Lesner Bridge along Shore Drive.

For more informaiton on BAC and their meeting, click here http://sdcc.info/2013/06/17/bayfront-advisory-committee-to-meet-june-20/

FEMA funding for raising floodprone homes.

Is your home being flooded by every high tide storm event?  If you meet the following severe repetitive loss criteria, FEMA will provide 75% of the cost to raise, relocate or purchase your home. 

 The definition of severe repetitive loss as applied to this program was established in section 1361A of the National Flood Insurance Act, as amended, 42 U.S.C. 4102a. An SRL property is defined as a residential property that is covered under an NFIP flood insurance policy and:

 (a)  That has at least four NFIP claim payments (including building and contents) over $5,000 each, and the cumulative amount of such claims payments exceeds $20,000; or

(b)  For which at least two separate claims payments (building payments only) have been made with the cumulative amount of the building portion of such claims exceeding the market value of the building.

 For both (a) and (b) above, at least two of the referenced claims must have occurred within any ten-year period, and must be greater than 10 days apart.

 For more information about the FEMA SRL program follow this link  http://www.fema.gov/severe-repetitive-loss-program

Cape Story requests action from City to prevent flooding of short streets.

Dear Mr. Mundy, 

 Todd Solomon has sent you some photos of the high tide flooding that occurred Monday Oct. 29th around 10:30am high tide cycle for Long Creek.  The water level above the SW grate at the about 14 inches and Todd’s estimates for the height of the high tide for this event is 7.0 feet when compared to the 2009 Nor’Ida and Todd lives on First Landing. 

At least 8 homes between Calvert and Wake Forest had water come into their homes.  The one at the end of First Landing Lane had at close to 18 inches and will need dry wall and insulation replaced.  All of the flooding for these homes was a direct result of the tidal surge coming backwards through the First Landing outfalls in the Cape Henry canal. 

Based on Todd’s and neighbors observations during the storm, water from the Cape Henry canal never breeched the roadway crest at the intersection of Admiral and First Landing.  Water entered the ditch along the trail and filled the low lying areas and then flowed west toward Wake Forest.  The maps produced after the 2009 event were very close to what actually happened. 

Based on the success of the backflow prevention device in Ocean Park, as President of Cape Story by the Sea, I formally request once again that some type of device is installed in the First Landing outfalls ASAP.  The flooding damage as a result of Sandy could have been prevented.  Based on past experience from 2006, 2009, 2011 and 2012, a backflow device will function satisfactory for events that have a high tide less than 8.5 feet.  This should be acceptable for most events.  Of course, if a Cat 2 storm hits us directly, we’re all in trouble.  Nothing will save us and we know that. 

Please let me know what the plans will be moving forward and when we can expect action on this request.  I know there is a larger plan for the entire Shore Drive area, but this solution should cost less than $100k and be installed before the next nor’easter. 

I would also request and update on the work being done at the Poinciana Pump Station. 


Empsy Munden, President Cape Story by the Sea


City’s Draft Report for Storm Water Improvements in Cape Story

The City hired Parsons Brinckerhoff to perform a study of storm water improvements for Cape Story.  The following link will take you to the DRAFT of this study.


You will find the suggestions for Cape Story in the “Draft Shore Drive Area Flooding” link on the City’s page.  You can also see the proposed improvements on the Cape Henry-Cape Story map link.

Please read the report and send any comments you may have to Phill Rheors, the City Engineer in charge of the project.  His email is PRoehrs@vbgov.com

Also, please include Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association President, Empsy Munden on any emails you may send to the City.  That way we can help follow up on responses.  Empsy’s email is emunden@aol.com