Lost African Grey Parrot

Lost on Wake Forest St last seen flying toward bike path.  Large grey bird with red tail feathers.  Please call Mike Herron, 412-0644 if seen. 

1 thought on “Lost African Grey Parrot

  1. Post your lost bird on 911parrotalert.com. I’d also would post on Craigslist.

    Put flyers everywhere!

    Continue to search your neighborhood. Often birds will seek shelter … so not only look high, but search low, under bushes and on low branches of trees. Keep calling for your bird as your search.

    Also, contact the local animal shelter. Finders will often take a found bird to the shelter as they have no way to care for it.

    Good luck … hope you get your bird home soon!

    Karen, Volunteer
    911 Parrot Alert

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