Sully, the cat, has gone missing again.

Sully, (also goes by Beans) has been out and not returned.  He is indoor outdoor, but he is usually back after a couple days or when it rains. he has been out for quite awhile now I was gone out of the country again and returned then went on vacation I returned on the 29th.  He has taken off on adventures before. It has been a little over a year ,almost exactly ( I looked on the website we posted last year about the same time) since his last little adventure.   He is very friendly and may have adopted new family quite possibly.  He is an all white Blue Tip Persion with medium lenght hair and bright blue eyes he will come to anyone.  If anyone has seen him or has him they can contact me at this address or my cell below. 

** TO see a picture, click on the Lost/Found section of this site, and scroll down to the 12.4.07 posting about Sully. ***

 Lenn Vessell

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