CSBTS 12/10/07 Minutes

Cape Story by the Sea Community AssociationMonthly General Meeting December 10, 2007

At 7:40 pm, the meeting was called to order by Empsy Munden, President. The meeting was at the Va. Beach Resort and Conference Hotel. Minutes of the November 12, 2007 meeting were read and approved with corrections.  

Treasurer’s Report: 

Read by Todd Solomon. Oyster Roast preliminary totals show 380 tickets sold, which seems lower than past years. Estimated profit $2800.00 pending final invoices and receipts.Cape Santa Expenses $342.00 pending any outstanding invoices.  

Officer Reports:                                                                                                         

President’s remarks: First Landing Fire Station held a community Open House on Nov. 29, 2007. The new facility has meeting room space and “state of the art” communications equipment.   Articles of interest including, a newspaper clipping featuring local resident Shirley Drye, were distributed.

Vice President’s: Cape Santa event on December 8, 2007 was a success. Thanks to the volunteers who worked the event.  Approximately 50 children participated; gifts were collected for Toys for Tots donation.Holiday Giving deadline is approaching (Dec 17), donations should be taken to Nancy Snyder at 2111 Bayberry. Empsy will send reminder e-mail.

Committee Reports: 

Neighborhood watch:  Reports of teens drinking in the park and on the beach at night. Good response time from police on recent calls. Another neighbor reported seeing young people in park setting the dry pine tags on fire.  

Beautification & Clean Up:  Next Shore Drive/Bike Path clean up will be in January, date to be determined. 

Holiday giving:  Good response reported.

Old Business

Cape Story Neighborhood Sign:  Still trying to finalize surveys and get them in to city for final approval. 

Fireworks: Discussed ideas for expanding the “advertising” base for community contributions. Still need a new chairperson for this event, Todd will discuss with contacts at First Landing State Park to see if they may be interested in taking the lead.  

Marina Shores Plan: business/restaurants planned in lieu of condo’s/apartments.

Website “CapeStory.org” has been updated, Skipjack newsletters will be posted by Laura Baity. *** NOTE: New website is www.capestory.wordpress.com  New Business:

City Marina: Virginia Beach city wants to turn over marina operations to private contractors.City Awards: Suggestion was made to look into getting a table for CSBTS officers at this years ceremony.

Holiday Caroling: December 20, 2007. Meet at the home of Ginnie and Tracy Stover 2214 Oak Street at  6:00pm if interested in joining the group.

 Holiday Lights/Candy Cane awards: David Albis, Empsy Munden, and Todd Solomon will be the “judges”, Friday Dec. 21, 2007 is the date.    

 Meeting adjourned for the Holiday Party at 8:20pm

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