Fort Story Troops Need your WELCOME!

Soldiers from the 2nd Platoon, 241st Seaport Operations Company, 11th Transportation Battalion will be returning to Fort Story from a 15-month deployment between Monday and Wednesday of next week. As soon as I can confirm a date and time, I will let you know. Thanks for your and the CSBTS Civic League’s continued support of Fort Story! Best,
Monica K. Miller
Fort Eustis Command Information Officer/Fort Story Public Affairs
757-878-4920 Fort Eustis Office
757-878-4928 Fort Eustis Fax
757-422-7101 Ext. 225 Fort Story Office
757-422-7706 Fort Story Fax 

I will send out email with date and time for troop arrivals as  I receive information.    Sounds like we can put up Welcome signs for Monday July 14th…..  Empsy

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