1/12 CSBTS Meeting Agenda




January 12, 2009 at 7:30pm

I.    Call to Order

II.  Minutes – December Meeting

III. Treasurers Report

Special Program:

CSBTS January 12 meeting City officials & bike trail safety discussion

City Officials Mike Shahsiah, Bob Gey and Councilman Jim Wood

The Cape Story Civic Association is requesting that the City of Virginia Beach consider changing the stop signs at the bike path so that vehicular traffic be required to stop instead of the regular bike path pedestrians. This request was prompted by the recent accident at the bike path and Wake Forest Street where a young boy was struck by a truck. This is the third known incident of this type within the past two years. Many members of the Civic Association noted that a vast majority of drivers today either completely stop or “roll through” the intersections, while others totally ignore the caution signs and continue to accelerate.

Please mark your calendar for the January 12 CSBTS Civic Association meeting at 7:30 PM in the Virginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center. There will be a bulletin board in the hotel lobby indicating the assigned room for the meeting.  Our City Council representative, Mr. James Wood, will attend this meeting and has graciously made arrangements for the appropriate city officials to also attend. Please plan on attending this meeting and hopefully a reasonable agreement can be reached that will avoid a tragic accident.

The City as well of the residents of CSBTS have their own views as to how to best approach this problem, i.e., speed bumps, stop signs, reduced speed limit, etc.  Anyone who has any thoughts, suggestions or that may be affected by any proposed changes should plan on attending.  I recently spoke with a long time resident who resides at the intersection of the bike path and one of the cross streets.  He indicated that he personally could remember about 12-15 children being struck at his intersection.


Welcome to Ft. Story LTC Jansen and Little Creek Capt. Crow


IV. Committee Reports

V. Old Business

VI. New Business

VII. Adjourn

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