Proposed Bike Path Plans

Since our January CSBTS meeting with city officials regarding Bike/multipurpose Trail Safety where there was spirited discussion, I have presented your comments and suggestions to the City.  I hand delivered letters to homes that border the path on Bayberry and Sandalwood to alert the residents that these cross streets were targeted by CSBTS to be “trial” streets for bike path safety projects.
Several neighbors and CSBTS officers met with Senior Traffic Engineer Mike Shahsiah on Wednesday, March 4th and reviewed plans for traffic calmers on Bayberry and Sandalwood.  The majority of us felt these median islands offered a “shovel ready” solution to increase safety awareness and SLOW BICYCLE and VEHICLE traffic at the cross streets. These plans are attached for your information.
  After discussion at the March CSBTS monthly meeting on Monday, March 9th, I agreed with the attendees that the APRIL 13th Monday CSBTS Meeting will be a discussion regarding this proposal and the response of CSBTS back to Virginia Beach City Officials to proceed with this proposal or to direct another alternative.
  I will limit this meeting to one hour 7:30 PM to 8:30 PM and will observe Robert’s Rules for discussion. 
          I look forward to good discussion at our April Meeting.
                                  Empsy Munden, Pres.
                                   Cape Story by the Sea

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