CSBTS Letter: Bike/Multiuse Path

Cape Story by the Sea-  Letter to City Officials

April 16, 2009

Dear Robert Gey and Michael Shahsiah,

        The Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association at the April 13, 2009 monthly meeting came to a unanimous agreement on the issue of Bike/Multiuse Path safety.    After a few months of discussion, site evaluation and research of similar calming circles in the ocean front neighborhoods, Cape Story residents determined that the recommended calming circles are not the best solution.  The calming circles appear to be too costly to implement and could have adverse impact on visibility, trees and storm water drainage. 
          The following is the recommendation of Cape Story by the Sea (CSBTS) for the six cross streets: Beech, Oak, Maple, Sandalwood, Bayberry, and Wake Forest

            1.  Install a flexible warning sign centered in the middle of the cross walk and through street.  The sign would need to be fixed in place using concrete and/or lag bolts.  The sign needs to have a spring that allows it to be run over.  The sign facing the cars should be the neon yellow/green with the pedestrian and bicycle symbols.  The sign facing the bike path should be red with a stop or automobile symbol.  Similar to sign in the middle of the picture attached, but should be 4-sided and secured into the road instead of a weighted base.  

2.  Repaint the white border of the cross walk with reflective white paint.  Add the standard cross walk stripes using the same reflective white paint.

3.  All Six streets are requested to be completed.  Beginning with Bayberry and Sandalwood

           CSBTS believes this is the most cost effective, least restrictive and most timely plan to keep bicyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles safe and allow all to enjoy the bike/multiuse path.

Empsy Munden, Pres.

Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association




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