Holiday LIGHTS WINNERS, Cape Story by the Sea – December, 2009


Cape Story by the Sea – December, 2009

 Click here to see some pictures of the winners.


MOST Lights 

2250 Oak Street 


BEST Bribe

2126 Sandalwood Road


BEST Party/Child Labor

  2267 Walke Street


MOST Spirited

 2217 Bayberry Street


MOST Tasteful

     2206 Oak Street


MOST Original

          2247 Maple Street


MOST Traditional

2251 Wake Forest Street


BEST German Beverage (Hot)

           2609 Poinciana Street 


MOST SNOWFLAKES for a Snowy Night

              2732 Shore Drive    


BEST Street Participation

            WALKE Street  68%


Honorable Mention for BEST TOOL SHED Decorations

2137 Bayberry Street

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