High Tide and Flood Zone Maps

High Tide Map

At the Jan 11th Civic meeting, City Staff presented this image showing tidal impact levels in our neighborhood.  The numbers correspond to high tide numbers.  For reference, the northeaster of Nov 2009 was recorded at 7.9 feet.

 cape story by the sea high tide map

City Map showing flood zones

To see the flood zones for you home follow these instructions:

1)Click on the link below


2) Search by address (don’t include road, lane, street extensions).  Type you address into the box and click search.

3) Click on Zoom To next to the correct address.

4)Change the “Basic Map” to “Flood Zones” to show your impact.

Flood Zone Frequently Asked Questions:


 Check out the information about an Elevation Certificate.  City staff recommended getting one of these if you’d like to possibly reduce your flood insurance costs.  You actual floor elevation is identified by this certificate and based on the height, you may qualify for a lower premium.  Check with your insurance company before getting the certificate.

Support if City maps don’t work. 

Main page link.  You may need to go here first to download some software if the mapping doesn’t work for you http://www.vbgov.com/e-gov/emapping/

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