Beach Sand Replishment Project

The City has begun removing sand from the Lesner Bridge Spoils site in order to create a laydown site that will support the bridge replacement project.  The sand from this spoils site is being hauled by dump truck to the Cape Henry beach via the Oak Street access.  The sand will be spread from the Lynnhaven fishing pier to First Landing State Park.

Below is an email from the City’s project coordinator, Phil Roehrs, to our civic association President, Empsy Munden.

Click here to see a map of the project – CAPE_HENRY_BEACH_PLACEMENT_SITE_2014-04-29_(2)




Regrettably, this needed truck haul came about too quickly to allow our normal process of community engagement. The total time period from the date we learned that the removal of sand from the stockpile was necessary to the date we were able to notify the public was less than three weeks.  Several tasks had to be performed before we knew for sure that the proposal to haul it to Cape Henry Beach was viable, and we notified the public as soon as we could.


The critical speed issues are two-fold: the need to get the stockpile site prepared in advance of the bridge replacement contractor’s mobilization in June; and, performing the truck haul as soon as we can to minimize the impact on the summer beach season.  The sand is a better quality than the previous Cape Henry truck haul – coming from the Lynnhaven Inlet sand stockpile versus the Maple Street site.


Phill Roehrs, P.E.

Water Resources Engineer

City of Virginia Beach

Public Works Engineering


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