CSBTS Civic Association Meeting – Monday May 12th – City Parking Study Presentation

CSBTS Civic Association General Meeting

Monday May 12th at 7:30pm in the Virginia Beach Resort Conference Hotel

Special guest speaker – Mr. Mike Shahsiah, Senior Traffic Engineer for City of VB.


  • Not enough parking available for company? 

  • Too many beach tourists parking on  your front lawn?

  • Cars parked on Shore Drive make it hard to see when you pull out from your street?

  • Illegal “No Parking” signs placed on your street?


Come out and hear what the City has been studying regarding these questions and more for our neighborhood.  Below is the basic study premise and the interim study details can be viewed by clicking this link – Bayfront TRAFFIC STUDY REPORT

At the request of Bayfront Advisory Committee, Traffic Engineering staff has surveyed the Bayfront Communities north of Shore Drive between the Lesner Bridge and State Park, including Cape Story by the Sea community. The purpose of this parking survey was to locate the illegal no parking signs, misplaced signs, illegal encroachments, and those legal no parking signs that are no longer needed due to changes over the years in this area.


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