1/15 CSBTS Agenda

January 14. 2007 at
I.    Call to Order 
II.    Minutes 
III.    Treasurers Report
IV.    Officer Reports

·                    DUES for 2008 for Membership are DUE $10 per family and check that our email address is accurate if you desire to stay on CSBTS email

V.    Committee Reports

·        Neighborhood Watch Update – Regina Wallace- Mailbox Incident/ US mail/federal – ad hoc committee under new business

·        Beautification & Clean-up Committee –  January Clean Up – Shirley Drye and Dee Simpson·        Military Liaison Update- Gary Forest·

        Holiday Giving Committee  – Nancy Snyder, Teri Doddy, Ginnie & Tracy Stover VI.        Old Business

·        Holiday Giving:  Families: two families sponsored and three local neighbors supplied with Christmas food and gifts, GREAT RESPONSE FROM CAPESTORY Residents and friends. THANK YOU!! and Cookies to the Troops for Christmas      

·        Update on Cape Story Neighborhood Signs
Contact Todd at capestory@sybercom.net  NEW CHAIRPERSON NEEDED for Fireworks on the Bay event. 

·        Marina Shores –  plans appear changed to business and restaurants and boatel and parking garages, Mr. Nutter postponed presentation to SDCC until January 28th ,2008 meeting  or later in 2008

·        Virginia Beach Council of  Civic Organizations Annual Awards Banquet: Friday January 11, 2008 at the Wyndham Hotel Website  http://www.capestory.org  upgraded

·                    Carports:    appears a city zoning issue                                          
VII.        New Business

·        Caroling Event – Dec 20th Thur. – for Dec 2008 caroling event under development for possible expansion of mumbling and stumbling carolers

·        Christmas Candy Cane  Awards – Judging Dec 21st Fri 
the following winners:  Most Illuminating : 2232 Beech, Most Original : 2223 Maple; and the NEW  Best Bribe: 2267 Walke   With honorable mention to : 2201 Beech, 2223 Beech, 2226 Beech, 2124 Maple, 2256 Wake Forrest, 2312 Walke, 2307 Walke 

·        Neighborhood Juvenile Concerns– ad hoc committee (from Sept: Gary Forrest, Jan Trombley, Dick Brothers, Sandy Peters) concern and email from Beech Street resident over Mail box incident, park intimidation by juveniles.  Police response to calls appears timely but no change in the behavior of our juvenile residents.

·        SDCC, Shore Drive Community Coalition –  January 28, 2008 meeting, Todd Solomon elected president for 2008

·        Nominating Committee :  CSBTS  2008 Officers

VII.    Adjourn 

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