Do you know the owner: white fluffy dog & black pit/lab dog

This morning (Sunday, Jan 13) at approx 8:15, a resident from Wake Forest St. was bitten by a dog in First Landing Park. The owner of the dog refused to give any information about herself or her dog except that the dog had a rabies shot.  The resident went to the ER, had stitches, and will now have to undergo a series of rabies shots due to not being able to verify that the dog has been vaccinated. 

We’d like to identify the owner of the dogs: a woman described as white, blonde, approx. 5″8″, 35-40 years old and approx. 140 lbs.  The dogs are (1) white fluffy type, 50-60 lbs, (2) the one that bit is an older black pit bull/lab mix.  She told the victim that this dog has bitten before.  The resident has filed reports with the police, animal control and the Park Ranger.  If anyone knows who this woman is, please call Rebecca Lowe, 227-5642 or Ranger John Elliott, First Landing State Park at 412-2333. 

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