Clean up now 4/27, and more!

The Cape Story by the Sea CLEAN UP DAY has been change to SUNDAY APRIL 27.  Meet in the PARK at  2PM Clean Up equipment provided.




To Challenge your Va Beach property assessment consider:

How to Challenge your Assessment:


1. Homeowner contacts the Assessors office at (757.385.4601 or 757.385.4912) and speaks with appraiser.
2. Appraiser verifies property information for accuracy and provides homeowner with the sales data that was used to arrive at the assessment.
3. If homeowner would like assessment to be reviewed again, the Assessor mails them a “Request for Reappraisal” form.  On this form, the Assessor asks them to list properties that they feel they should be compared to, as well as why an adjustment should be made. 
4. When form is received back in the Assessors office, it is given to the appraiser.
5. Appraiser contacts homeowner to schedule a time for a field visit with homeowner, if that is his desire.
6. Appraiser reviews in field and makes a recommendation to the Assessor as to whether assessment should be changed.
7. Assessor makes final approval.
8. If assessment is unchanged the Assessors office mails out a letter stating that the Assessor feels the assessment is justified and will remain as is, along with a list of comparable sales that were used to arrive at this assessment.  Information advising them of their right to appeal to the Board of Equalization is provided.  If assessment is changed, then the Assessors office mails them a corrected assessment notice.
9. Beyond the Board of Equalization the homeowner has the right to file suit with Circuit Court.


CLEAN THE BAY DAY INFO (CSBTS to participate): for details



FT STORY  TROOPS RETURNING APRIL 20 or 21. Watch your email for current info.

– Empsy Munden, CSBTS President


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