Missing Tortoise

Our neighbor on Shore drive has had his tortoise go missing:

“Between yesterday at 2 pm and today at 3 pm, my pet african spurred thigh tortiose has gone missing. I have a pen built behind our house that he stays in during the summer months, however, somehow he either has gotten out or has been taken out. I have had him for over 14 years now and This is a horrible thing for me. Please be on the lookout for a larger brown and beige tortoise. I am offering a reward to anyone who can help me recover my pet. I would greatly appreciate if you could please pass this on. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Adam Morgan (2633 Shore Drive)

1 thought on “Missing Tortoise

  1. I live in MN, and yesterday found what I believe to be a spur thigh tortoise. I have no interest in keeping it but if you have not found yours, maybe you would want this one it is about 15 inches from head to toe and approx 12 inches across.

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