CSBTS Holiday Giving

Holiday Giving first planning meeting for  OCT 12 was CANCELED due to time constraints and only items needing timely discussion are as follows:

(1) Do the same thing we did last year – working through the VB Public School contact to get families that would remain anonymous; and/or

(2)   Add to this the possibility of asking for a family directly through Social Services that we would have direct contact with.

Nancy Snyder’s (chairperson) suggestion is to do the combination (as well as work with anyone we find within our community that needs help) because some people last year really requested the ability to make contact with the family.   Depending on how much and what we receive as donations – we could add to that if we were able. Please Email Nancy at nancy.snyder@aig.com  your comments and suggestions and/or attend Monday Oct 13th CSBTS meeting at 7:30pm at the Va Beach Hotel Resort & Conference Hotel

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