Citizens Encouraged to turn in illegal fireworks


Every year adults and children are seriously injured and fires ignited by people setting off fireworks across the city. In a joint effort to promote safety this Fourth of July holiday, the Virginia Beach Police Department and Virginia Beach Fire Marshal’s Office are encouraging citizens to voluntarily turn in illegal fireworks. 

Citizens may dispose of unlawful fireworks without the worry of repercussion by turning fireworks over to Officers or Fire Marshal staff on Saturday, June 27, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., at the Third Police Precinct, located at 926 Independence Boulevard (behind Bayside Library) and the Fourth Police Precinct at 840 Kempsville Road. Citizens will not be asked, or required, to provide their names or any personal information.

Virginia Beach Police officers will accept any type of fireworks that citizens want to dispose of in a safe manner.  It is in the best interest of public safety to ensure that such items are disposed of properly and do not end up in the hands of children who may be permanently injured by handling them.

Citizens unable to attend the event on June 27 are reminded that fireworks can be turned in for disposal at any of the four police precincts.  The precinct locations are as follows:

  •  First Precinct – 2509 Princess Anne Road – 385-4377
  • Second Precinct – 820 Virginia Beach Boulevard –  385-2700
  • Third Precinct –  926 Independence Boulevard – 385-2703
  • Fourth Precinct – 840 Kempsville Road – 385-2800

For further information regarding this public safety event, please contact Sgt. T. McLaughlin of the Virginia Beach Police Crime Prevention Unit at 385-1006, or Fire Marshal, Battalion Chief Richard C. Kephart, at 385-4228. 

If interested in researching the city code:

Sec. 12-43.2.  Fireworks and pyrotechnic displays unlawful

Violation of any provision of this section shall constitute a Class 1 misdemeanor.

 The city of Virginia Beach will host the annual Fourth of July Holiday Fireworks Display on July 4 at Mount Trashmore and at the oceanfront along the boardwalk. Logon to for more details.

MPO Jimmy Barnes                                                                

BC Rick Kephart

Public Relations/Marketing/Spokesperson                                

Fire Marshalls Office

Virginia Beach Police Department                                            

Virginia Beach Fire Department

(757) 385-4494                                                                       (757) 385-4228

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