List of storm water issues identified at CSBTS 1-11-10 General Meeting

The following list of issues were discussed and identified as action items at the January 11, 2010 Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association general meeting.  The Civic Association will keep you updated on the progress of these issues, so check back for posts or sign up for email updates by becoming a Civic Association Member.

  1. Calvert Street (Bayside) needs the French drain clean out.  Water backs up and never subsides.  Action=Phil Cutter
  2. First Landing, Calvert and Walke (Landside) request a backflow preventer be installed at the common outfall location in Long Creek Cape Henry subdivision.  This will prevent tide surges from flooding our neighborhoods at 0-6 feet above normal tide cycles.  Action=Mike Mundy
  3. Large scale storm water improvement project (piping and pump station) discussed for streets north of Shore Drive (Bayside).  No money to accomplish and may not be necessary.  Action=Mike Mundy, Phil Cutter
  4. Calvert and First Landing (Bayside), if clean out of French drain doesn’t work, maybe a pipe can be installed to connect Calvert to the pumped system on First Landing.  Action=Mike Mundy, Phil Cutter
  5. Change to City Codes to require adequate storm water drainage for new homes when they infill and wind up creating a dam next to lower lying existing homes.  Action=CSBTS & Mike Mundy
  6. Oak & Poinciana swale and ditch works during normal rain cycle, but not during tidal surge.  Never did this before recent City improvements.  City needs to determine if a backflow preventer will help this situation.  Action=Mike Mundy
  7. Call the following number to report all storm water issues.  385-1470  This is the best way to track our problems and allows the city to assign a ticket number to our issues.  Action=CSBTS
  8. Clean outfall at First Landing (Bayside) beach access.  Sand has built up and may have blocked flow.  Action=Phil Cutter
  9. Clean out drainage ditch just east of First Landing Lane along Cape Henry Trail.  Blockage where ditch ties into Cape Henry system.  Action=Phil Cutter
  10. Provide CSBTS an electronic version of the colored tidal surge level map.  Action=Mike Mundy

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