7 thoughts on “A CSBTS Resident’s proposal to City re: sailboats on the beach

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  2. Disagree with the proposed amendment to City Code change in regards to dune destruction by storing sailboats on the dunes. For some time there has been on going efforts to arrange having sand pumped on the area to forstall the errosion that in the past several years is becoming accute. The boats are the owners responsibility to maintain and not the residents of cape story. They should be licensed , insured and taxed and stored in a marina. the operation of boats around children , swimmers and beach goers is a safety concern and should be strickly addressed.

  3. Sailboats on the dunes have not been a problem for the past 20-30 years. There have been no safety incidents, no erosion of the dunes, no problems other than some old boats abandoned on the beach.

    Inspection of the beach shows that the dunes have been expanding toward the beach, and have not been eroding.

    We would like to continue to keep the boats where they have been kept for the past 20+ years without incident. We will clean the beach of abandoned boats and maintain the ones stored there. If the city requires the boats be moved off of the dunes an onto the beach, it will cause new hardships for everyone. I believe this is a good compromise and will serve all concerned.

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