Caution: Woman on 3 wheel bike intrusive re: pets

CSBTS report of woman on 3 wheel bike attempting to pick up their dog:
Thurs – Feb 7th. A [woman] tried to take my 12 year old shitzu from my front yard.
She claimed our dog was uncared for because he had a runny nose and in her words had an “upper respiratory infection”. My dog could not be more cared for an is obviously a well loved house pet. He wandered out the front door when the it was left open for workmen installing the kitchen. He was out for maybe 1 or 2 minutes He was by the mail box at the edge of our front yard. The woman was riding a 3 wheel bike wearing a ball cap, tan skin, dark hair, mid to late 30’s. She had already picked up my dog and was in the process of putting a worn leather leash over his neck when my husband stopped her. She was reluctant to give up the dog. I have this feeling that had he not stopped her I would never have known what happened to my pet. Another 30 seconds and that would have been that. Please keep an eye out for her.

Following the above alert sent out to CSBTS residents, the following two reports from residents on poincianna and Maple Streets were received about the same woman:
“We have had encounters with the lady on the three wheel bike. I believe that she lives in Marina Shores. She called Animal Control on our lab this summer and has quite a reputation with the animal control officials. Our dog was in our yard and under a vet’s care. Our lab was walking around our
vacant lot across the street from our house and she called Animal Control and accused us of neglecting our dog. I explained that our dog was very old and the vet was treating her but not quiet ready to put her down. She not only called Animial Control on us once, but twice. She was very argumentative.”
“After reading this email, I believe that we had the same woman give us problems last summer… we had our dog outside one afternoon, and when we got back to our house, there was a note from Animal Control on our door. It stated our dog was aggressive (which he is far from) and we needed to keep him inside. Minutes later, a woman in the same description as the email from Feb 7th came to our door claiming we had an aggressive dog that was aggressive to animals and people (our dog is around babies, children, adults and other animals all the time and is not aggressive). We asked her if she was the one to call Animal Control (it was too coincidental if not) and she said “not necessarily”. She claimed that she had a long history of dog training and she knew better than us that he was aggressive. We told her to leave our property immediately. The same sort of thing also happened to our neighbor across the street 2 weeks later.”

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