Cape Story by the Sea – December, 2010

December 2010


MOST Lights 

2223 Maple Street          


BEST Bribe

2267 Walke Street


MOST Spirited

2732 Shore Drive


MOST Tasteful

     2200 Bayberry Street


MOST Original

          2244 Maple Street


MOST Traditional

2227 Maple Street


BEST Peace on Earth

2312 Walke Street


BEST Street Participation

            WALKE Street  64%



Honorable Mention

2215 Oak

2310 Oak

2235 Oak

2707 Poinciana

2223 A/B Beech

2212 Wake Forest

2122 Wake Forest


Cape Story’s 12th Annual Spring Fling

Similar to last year, we had to postpone the event one week due to weather.  But we had sunny skies on a Memorial Day weekend and a wonderful event that drew about 80 children and parents for the festivities.  Jared from Astro DJs kept the party shaking with cool tunes and special events.  DeeDee from Bobby the Clown Agency made great balloon animals and painted unique designs on many smiling faces.  All enjoyed hamburgers, hotdogs, and chips courtesy of the Civic Association.  Snow cones and popcorn where graciously provided by LYNN HUME, RE/MAX Allegiance.  Yummy desserts were also brought and shared by neighbors.    Kids of all ages had an out of this world time on the moonwalk, while others competed in various games to try to win gift certificates to AMC theatres.  The kids even managed to beat the adults in a tug-o-war match. 

Event winners were:

  • Hula Hoops – Mia Wallace
  • Belly Ball – Jenifer and Todd Solomon
  • Water Balloon Toss #1 – Rachel Reiss & Haley Reiss
  • Water Balloon Toss #2 – Chris Buca & Alley Wood
  • Sack Race #1 – Elizabeth & Emma Jennings
  • Sack Race #2 – Julian Molldow
  • Sack Race #3 – Brett Pendergast
  • Basket Ball Free Throw (7yr & under) – Mason Solomon
  • Basket Ball Free Throw (8yr & up) – Mack Barnes

 Additional Spring Fling Thank You!!!

Thanks to Patrick Slyer and Andy Baan for cooking up the burgers and dogs.  A special thanks goes to the few that support the many, Shirley Drye, Empsy Munden, Don Lawson, Brian Harrell, Gary Forrest and Jenifer Solomon for set-up, serving and clean-up.  And another big thank you to this year’s coordinator, Todd Solomon, for putting together a terrific event.

CHECK OUT THE PHOTOS on our Cape Story Shutter Fly Page.  Go to the Neighborhood Photos Tab on our Menu Bar.

Oak St Benefit Yard Sale 4/9 – 11

Here’s the new date for the CAPE STORY by the SEA  YARD SALE   to benefit CSBTS neighbors in need:

FRIDAY  10:00 a.m. TO 4:00 p.m. on APRIL 9TH, AND SATURDAY AND SUNDAY APRIL 10-11 th from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 2215 Oak Street.

Janet Hollingsworth (contact info. below) will continue to except donations through this date. The response so far has been amazing.

As mentioned at the civic association meeting, we have a couple on Oak Street who are going through a very difficult time and could use our help. Jorge and Stephanie moved into our neighborhood about a year ago. Shortly after their arrival, Stephanie was diagnosed with cancer. Their health insurance from her job had lapsed during the move, and treatment was delayed. She is currently down to 75 lbs, and has a broken hip. She has to deal with a trachea tube and feeding tube, but is still fighting. 
Jorge is a master tiling contractor, but has had little opportunity to work because he is Stephanie’s primary care giver. 
Our neighbor Janet Hollingsworth at 2215 Oak Street is holding a yard sale fund raiser for them the last weekend in March (Saturday is the 27th)  DATE CHANGED DUE TO WEATHER . We would like to spread the word, and ask for any items that might be donated to help these neighbors. 
Janet’s contact information is: 

More help needed for family we aided at Christmas


I received this email from Teri Doddy — 
Teri has agreed to continue to be our champion for this family.  phone 621-6724 
 and 2219 Bayberry Street
I just got a call today from Tamika (the family we helped at Christmas that had no furniture). She called to let me know her 6 yr old has been in CHKD since 2/11/10 with an absess on the brain and has had 4 brain surgeries. She is still in PIC (ICU). Due to being with her child Tamika has not been able to work the last couple months. She has contacted Social Service which is helping her with her water bill, but out of funds otherwise. Her rent is paid for, but she’s two months behind on her electricity ($473.00) and is in need of items that she cannot buy with food stamps (diapers, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, dish liquid, etc.). She has received a cut off notice for her electricity for 3/4/10, but has been able to borrow $20 here and there to send to Dominion VA Power so her electricity hasn’t been cut off yet.  
I told her I would see if we could send out an e-mail to CSBTS to see if anyone is willing to help her with any of her needs. I know this is a hard working young lady who has been appreciative of everything CSBTS has done for her. This medical emergency has set her back by not being able to work.  
Please advise if you think we could send out an e-mail. I would be willing to help coordinate the collection and to take items to Tamika if anyone is willing to help.  
Teri Doddy  *Mail checks to Teri Doddy at 2219 Bayberry St.  Indicate $ is for Tamika in the memo section*

Update: all pets reunited

Update: All the below animals were reunited with their owners.

Several animals found!

3/20:  Yellow Lab or Golden Retriever, found on Wake Forest St. near Poinciana Dr. Sat 3/20.  He is wearing a tan/brown collar with the name Hobbes on it.  Please call Kevin to claim on 848-3336 up until 5:00 p.m. today (3/20).

3/21: We just found a tailless adorable cat in our outdoor shower. It looks (and smells) like he/she has been there a while. It has fluffy black, grey fur on its back and some legs and a white underbody and white triangle around the mouth area.  It does not have a collar, and although it seems to want to hang out here, it is rather skiddish of us and our dog  (who thinks she has found a new playmate).  I can be reached at 617-6277.

3/22:  A huge, grey, domestic rabbit was found on Oak St. Bayside.  Please call Elyse – 412-0644 to claim.

List of storm water issues identified at CSBTS 1-11-10 General Meeting

The following list of issues were discussed and identified as action items at the January 11, 2010 Cape Story by the Sea Civic Association general meeting.  The Civic Association will keep you updated on the progress of these issues, so check back for posts or sign up for email updates by becoming a Civic Association Member.

  1. Calvert Street (Bayside) needs the French drain clean out.  Water backs up and never subsides.  Action=Phil Cutter
  2. First Landing, Calvert and Walke (Landside) request a backflow preventer be installed at the common outfall location in Long Creek Cape Henry subdivision.  This will prevent tide surges from flooding our neighborhoods at 0-6 feet above normal tide cycles.  Action=Mike Mundy
  3. Large scale storm water improvement project (piping and pump station) discussed for streets north of Shore Drive (Bayside).  No money to accomplish and may not be necessary.  Action=Mike Mundy, Phil Cutter
  4. Calvert and First Landing (Bayside), if clean out of French drain doesn’t work, maybe a pipe can be installed to connect Calvert to the pumped system on First Landing.  Action=Mike Mundy, Phil Cutter
  5. Change to City Codes to require adequate storm water drainage for new homes when they infill and wind up creating a dam next to lower lying existing homes.  Action=CSBTS & Mike Mundy
  6. Oak & Poinciana swale and ditch works during normal rain cycle, but not during tidal surge.  Never did this before recent City improvements.  City needs to determine if a backflow preventer will help this situation.  Action=Mike Mundy
  7. Call the following number to report all storm water issues.  385-1470  This is the best way to track our problems and allows the city to assign a ticket number to our issues.  Action=CSBTS
  8. Clean outfall at First Landing (Bayside) beach access.  Sand has built up and may have blocked flow.  Action=Phil Cutter
  9. Clean out drainage ditch just east of First Landing Lane along Cape Henry Trail.  Blockage where ditch ties into Cape Henry system.  Action=Phil Cutter
  10. Provide CSBTS an electronic version of the colored tidal surge level map.  Action=Mike Mundy

Cape Henry Beach Replenishment Update #3

The contractor was not able to work on Wednesday 3/3/10 (due to the Nor’easter) and the remaining sand material removal from the Maple Street Dredge disposal area is taking longer to remove than we first anticipated.  We anticipate completion of the truck haul early next week and then another week to re-establish the Oak Street vehicular beach access. 

The following is the third weekly update for the Cape Henry Beach truck haul replenishment contract as provided by Phill Roehrs, Water Resources Engineer with Public Works Engineering:  

“As of the close of business on Monday, March 1, the contractor had hauled 36,000 cubic yards of sand to the eastern portion of Cape Henry Beach.  The entire reach from Ships Watch Court, where replenishment from the navigation project terminated, to the border with First Landing State Park/Kendall Street has received sand from this effort. 

Approximately 4,000 cubic yards of material remained available at Monday’s close for hauling to the beach – our revised estimate for total quantity is 40,000 cubic yards.  The remaining material will be spread to the east of Oak Street.  The sand quality continues to be outstanding. 

Hauling did not occur this past Saturday, February 27; the contractor used the time to scour the Maple Street Dredged Material Management Area for all remaining sand, creating a final stockpile and reconfiguring the staging for efficient hauling this week.  We anticipate that the haul will be completed sometime this week.  The restoration of the Oak Street vehicular beach access will commence immediately following the truck haul.  Work hours for the truck haul and the beach access restoration will continue as 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. 

No citizen concerns were received this week, and there have been no reported traffic incidents.  No damage to Oak Street has been observed, however a final and detailed inspection will occur after the completion of the beach access restoration and any needed repairs will be promptly scheduled.  A topographic survey of the beach has been scheduled to commence next week to document the ‘after placement’ condition.” 

If you have any questions or need additional information, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you.   Thank you.  

Drew Lankford

Media and Communications Department of Public Works. City of Virginia Beach (O)  757.385.8062, (C)  757.409.4353