Beach Sand Replishment Project

The City has begun removing sand from the Lesner Bridge Spoils site in order to create a laydown site that will support the bridge replacement project.  The sand from this spoils site is being hauled by dump truck to the Cape Henry beach via the Oak Street access.  The sand will be spread from the Lynnhaven fishing pier to First Landing State Park.

Below is an email from the City’s project coordinator, Phil Roehrs, to our civic association President, Empsy Munden.

Click here to see a map of the project – CAPE_HENRY_BEACH_PLACEMENT_SITE_2014-04-29_(2)




Regrettably, this needed truck haul came about too quickly to allow our normal process of community engagement. The total time period from the date we learned that the removal of sand from the stockpile was necessary to the date we were able to notify the public was less than three weeks.  Several tasks had to be performed before we knew for sure that the proposal to haul it to Cape Henry Beach was viable, and we notified the public as soon as we could.


The critical speed issues are two-fold: the need to get the stockpile site prepared in advance of the bridge replacement contractor’s mobilization in June; and, performing the truck haul as soon as we can to minimize the impact on the summer beach season.  The sand is a better quality than the previous Cape Henry truck haul – coming from the Lynnhaven Inlet sand stockpile versus the Maple Street site.


Phill Roehrs, P.E.

Water Resources Engineer

City of Virginia Beach

Public Works Engineering


City of Virginia Beach CANCELS Waste Pickup for Wednesday, Jan. 22 – Leave Cans Out Until Serviced

City of Virginia Beach CANCELS Waste Pickup for Wednesday, Jan. 22 

Due to road and weather conditions, Public Works/Waste Management has CANCELLED any waste pickup for Wednesday. The city requests that residents place black trash carts and blue recycling carts at the curb line on their regular collection day, and leave them there until they have been serviced. Resources will be shifted to catch up as quickly as possible.​

Yard debris collection has been suspended for Wednesday and Thursday. Requests for bulky item collection will be re-scheduled for next week.

For more information about collections call Public Works Waste Management at 385-4650 or visit

Resolution to Remove Maple St. as a Mechanical Dredge Transfer Site

 The following excerpt comes from a City proposed resolution scheduled for City Council vote on Tuesday Feb. 28th.  Thanks to the community’s efforts, the City understands that mechanical dredging, trucks, noise and safety issues don’t belong in a residential neighborhood.

“That the City Council hereby directs the City Manager to remove the 28 Maple Street site from consideration as a potential dredge spoils transfer site for the Neighborhood Dredging Program”

Read the entire resolution here, Maple_St_res

Marina Shores Marina Wetlands Hearing Deferred until TUESDAY Jan. 18 at 10am


The Wetlands Hearing for the Marina Shores Marina Proposed Wet Slip Expansion and Permanent Dredge Spoils Transfer Station was deferred until Tuesday Jan. 18, 2011.  Note the change in day from Monday to Tuesday as a result of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. 

Wetlands Board meeting

Tuesday January 18, 2011

10:00am City Council Chambers

Click here to see the meeting agenda

Comments on the proposed development regarding impact to wetlands can be emailed to the Wetlands Board at

To see important information regarding this topic, visit the Shore Drive Community Coalition website at

December 20 – Wetlands Board meeting. – Marina Shores project to add commercial pier and to affect wetlands in CSBTS and Long Creek between CSBTS/CHS and Bay Island

December 20 – Wetlands Board meeting. – Project to add commercial pier and to affect wetlands in CSBTS and Long Creek between CSBTS/CHS and Bay Island

Along Long Creek near Maple Street there is sign posted indicating a December 20, 2010  Wetlands Board meeting to:

  • Construct 1026’ x 12’ Floating Pier with 45 Boat Slips to Marina Shores Marina
  • Construct 80 feet of bulkhead, east of existing bulkhead;
  • Establish a commercial pier along the river all the way down to Wake Forest Street, starting at the Marina Shores parking lot
  • Relocate the existing boat channel 35’ to the south closer to Bay Island to so the new commercial pier will fit all of the new boats; (This portion is being coordinated with the Department of Public Works.)
  • Dredge 3,797 cubic yards;
  • Impact 1220 sf of wetlands to create a barge inlet to serve a dredge spoil site (long-term)
  • Construct a Dredge Spoil Transfer Facility
  • Rezone the property from residential(R7.5) to commercial.

Project area shown below or at the following link









Project Plans can be viewed by clicking on this .pdf link. Marina Shore Boat Slip Expansion Plans


The meeting is at City Hall on Monday December 20 at 10:00 am. 

For more information, call Lonnie Warren, City Coastal Zoning Inspector at 385-8246.

Cape Story News 9.10.10

CSBTS  Residents and Neighbors

    The Commercial fishermen are setting the nets on the Bay, usually pull just at high tide.  Currently off the Sandalwood walkover.  Quite an adventure to watch them pull the “Haul Seine” net in,  take a walk over and enjoy this piece of history on our Bay.

      Fly your flags tommorrow –  9-11

     MONDAY — CSBTS monthly Civic Association Meeting  at 7:30 PM at the Va Beach Resort Hotel (2800 Shore Drive)   —- Sept 13th—     


Empsy Munden, Pres.

Cape Story by the Sea

City Working to Clean-up Appearance of Cape Story Beach

The following exceprt was taken from an email sent by Phill Roehrs, City Engineer, in response to a resident’s question on what could be done to improve the appearance of the beach and remove the dirt, debris and plants that were deposited from the sand replenishment project.  The main focus of the clean-up will be the areas between Oak and Kendall.

Given the relatively poor appearance of the beach, and our commitment to the community to patrol and police the area until the condition is satisfactory, I am happy to report that PW/Beach Operations will be visiting the area, perhaps as early as today, to prepare the area for further grooming.  A tractor will first visit the area to scarify the beach, and will be followed within a few days by a beach groomer to sift the top layer to remove as much deleterious material as possible.  I sincerely hope this will help to improve the appearance of the beach, but we stand ready to revisit the site again if this latest attempt does not yield satisfactory results.

For those of you that don’t know what a beach groomer is or how it operates, here is a picture and a link.  As of 6/16/10, the beach was scarified and is waiting to be groomed.

Hurricane Preparedness

There are many online resources available which can help you to become better prepared for the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June 1-November 30.    Check out some of the following sites below for information and recources on hurricane preparedness:

For a complete list of emergency preparedness items that fall under the hurricane preparedness sales tax holiday week, go to      Thanks everyone,  

Jolynn Turner
Emergency Planner
Virginia Beach Dept. of Public Health
4452 Corporation Lane Virginia Beach, VA 23462
Office:  757-518-2784
Mobile: 757-438-0381
Fax:      757-518-1393

Wind Turbine will top Hot Tuna

Shop center wind machine

The owner of Cape Henry Plaza Shopping Center at the corner of Shore Drive and W. Great Neck Road applied for and received approval from the city to install a wind turbine on the roof of the property, an initiative that is by all accounts the first of its kind for a commercial property in the city.

The 19-foot-tall turbine is expected to help supplement the electricity consumed by the shopping center whose tenants include a grocery store, a drugstore and Hot Tuna Bar & Grill.

Click here to read the entire article in this week’s Inside Business,